Need wood stain color charts for the interior or exterior of your home, if so, below you will find stain color selection advice along with links to wood stain web sites and stain samples.

By using the mentioned sites that follow you will locate stain samples to help make the best color choice for the job at hand.

Stains come in solid, semi-transparent and transparent formulations.

Solid stains don't last as long as a quality exterior paints but stains require substantially less preparation than paint when your surface needs re-coating.

When selecting stains remember that semi transparent exterior stains do not adhere as well as solid stains but require less sanding and scraping than a solid stain when re-staining or painting is required.

Transparent stains on the other hand are almost always used specifically for interior trim, wood work and furniture projects.


When choosing stain colors for wood there are a few things to keep in mind. Exterior stains come in transparent, semi-transparent and solids. While interior stains are usually transparent or semi-transparent. Transparent stains of course are the most see through while solid stains let little or no grain appear on the woods surface.

Solid stains have more pigment in them and tend to last longer. Do to a solid stains longevity they are the number one choice for exterior coating projects.

Solid stain colors come in virtually every tone, hue or shade you can imagine. Because of the amount of colors you have to choose from, finding a stain color for your exterior projects can prove to be a little overwhelming.

Semi-transparent and transparent stains on the other hand are more limited in color choice yet you still will be able to select colors based on a primary color scheme. Whether your looking for variations of red, yellow, green or blue you should easly find the semi/transparent stain your looking for.

Your local stain retailer should be able to help with interior and exterior color selection including advice, pamphlets and sample brochures.


If your looking for interior or exterior wood stain color charts for wood, Cabot, Olympic and Minwax offer online wood color samples for your viewing:

Cabot interior/exterior stains

Olympic interior/exterior stains

Minwax stains


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