Which paint to use on vinyl gym floor?

by richard

We have a new vinyl gym floor that has been striped and ready to wax. We want to paint the school logo and name on the new floor before waxing but don't know which paint to use.

We went to the local Home Improvement Store but could not buy a oil based paint that could be mixed in the colors we needed. We will be putting five coats of wax on the floor after we've painted the letters.

We are concerned about traffic, paint dry time before waxing, and weather the paint should be flat, satin, or a semi gloss finish. After waxing the floor will shine anyway.

Hi Richard,

Your vinyl floor manufacturer will either sell you a paint kit or an adhesive backed vinyl line striping kit. One that's specifically recommended for your particular type of flooring. The flooring manufacturer can also give you advice regarding products and the process to use when it comes to your logo.

With that said, the paint is usually a flat finish, two part epoxy product that can be purchased from your local paint store (ie. Sherwin-Williams, Glidden or Dulux etc.). Going to a paint store (rather than your local Home Improvement Center) would be recommended as the paint store staff will then be able to check with the paints manufacturer regarding products to use. Also, the paint store more that likely has already dealt with your particular project. For the best results phone each paint store in your area (yellow pages) and describe your specific project. You would then use the products of the store that has dealt with painting a gym or vinyl type floor in the past.

Sticky back vinyl for line striping or a custom logo on the other hand can be purchased from a sign shop.

If your NOT buying the paint, striping or logo from your floor manufacturer then be sure to tell the paint store or sign shop what your intentions are so that they can give you the proper recommendations. Most especially when it comes to surface preparation and waxing.

As a final note, when using a specialized coating it can SOMETIMES be difficult to get the color match that your going for. The same goes for vinyl when choosing custom logos or striping.


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