When Painting Split Log Siding

by Mike Wheat

The exterior of my home is 5" split log siding. A painter friend of mine (he never saw the house) said he would use a roller.

I am not a painter and don't like to paint but i can't afford to have someone else do it.

So my question is what is the best tool to use for painting this type of surface for quality? Brush, sprayer or roller, I thought brush. If a roller can be used how difficult would that be?

I think you have a fantastic site. I am really glad I came upon it.


Hi Mike,

Thank you for the complement it's very much appreciated.

As far as your siding goes your asking a question that will result in three different answers from three different painters.

With that said lets look at the pros and cons for all three process (brush, brush & roller or sprayer).

I have written a how to paint siding page that should help you decide on the best technique for your specific project.


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