What is the correct order for interior home renovations?

I want to take care of a few renovating projects in my home and need to know when to do what.

These are the items that need doing around our home:

- Paint the walls
- Paint the ceilings
- Remove and replace carpet
- And,(finances willing) remove and replace skirting boards.

I've looked around on quite a few websites and couldn't find this type of information.

Thanks in advance :)


Each painting contractor has their own preference as to the order of work when painting or remodelling a home. With that said here is the list for the way I prefer to tackle most projects.

1.) Prepare the room/s including covering, taping and masking, floors, furniture, doors, and windows etc.

2.) Make all ceiling repairs then prime the repairs as needed.

3.) Paint the ceiling (I use a paint sprayer but brushing and rolling will also work fine).

4.) Where necessary, caulk and fill cracks, gaps and holes in or around the wood trim along with that which encases windows, and doors. Remember to also include the baseboards.

5.) Prime the woodwork (if needed), sand it out, then apply two coats of (quality) trim paint to the doors and or casing etc. Remember to sand between coats of paint. I prefer to spray the paint on. Even so, brushing and rolling will also get the job done just fine.

6.) Tape off all edges of your wood work (those that touch the walls) using blue Scotch Brand painters tape.

7.) Repair, fill and caulk cracks, gaps and holes in the walls then let dry (re-fill as needed). Follow up by sanding and priming the repairs.

8.) Cut your room in (edge or brush) then roll on your first coat of top quality paint. Apply a second coat once the first has thoroughly dried. Be sure to pole sand the walls prior to the application of each coating of paint.

Your now ready to remove the tape and do any touch ups to the ceilings, woodwork or walls.

Some painters prefer to paint the ceilings last once they have used painters plastic and tape to protect the painted walls and trim or woodwork.

As far as the carpeting goes most floor layers would prefer to do the job before the painting is done. You will need to decide on what would work best for your particular situation though.


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