Wallpaper and boarders, (borders) are of course those decorative items, that one applies to the upper or middle part of a wall.

From decoupage to stenciling, there are an assortment of boarder techniques you could try.

Whatever technique you use, either would enhance the look of any room.

Below you will find a description of each boarder and at the bottom of the page is a link to the Ideas page.

On the Ideas page, you will find assistance for applying your specific boarders project.


Paper boarders are one of the most versatile design items to use, when doing a decorative wall technique. The wallpaper boarder works well for almost any room and can be used as the color palette for your entire home.

Some decorators will find a wallpaper boarder in a store, then utilize the papers colors for a room and disregard the border itself. Wallpaper and boarder of all types, can also be used to change a rooms height or length. Depending on the type of design and color that the boarder uses.

When it comes to decoupage, there are virtually no limits to the prints you can use, for your boarder technique. All that is needed, is a picture and a photo copy machine.

By using an assortment of resources from your local library, you will have a supply of wall art, for your entire home. When it comes to wallpaper and boarders, decoupage is one of the most versatile type of boarders to apply.

With the help of a cut out, (home made or purchased) a brush and some paint you'll discover how much fun stenciling is. Stenciling works best when you need perfect color, shape or design to harmonize with the rest of your decorative scheme.

Stamping is probably the easiest and most economical way to apply a painted border. By using a number of household items and a little imagination, stamping is one of the best ways to create a boarder.

Whether you use wallpaper and boarders like stamping, either will work well, in a child's bedroom.

Your local building supplier carries a number of decorative wood, plastic and plaster moldings, including, chair rail, baseboards and crown installation.

Each will enhance a room from floor to ceiling. Ok! heres your wallpaper and boarders page. You will find the boarders links about halfway down the page. Have fun putting those wallpaper and boarders up.


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