Using an Elastomeric coating as a swimming pool paint?

by Lisa L.
(Cookeville, TN, USA)

What effects does chlorine and other pool chemicals have on the Elastomeric paint? Is this a good choice for a concrete pool? What is the life expectancy of the paint if it is used in a concrete pool? Also, how would one REMOVE this paint if need be? And, should one seal the concrete before painting with Elastomeric paint? Thank you for any help with these questions! :)

Hi Lisa,

Swimming pools are notoriously difficult to repaint so giving a life expectancy to any pool paint is almost impossible. Reason being is the surface of a pool tends to collect large assortments of contaminants. Such contaminates can make it quite difficult for most coating to adhere properly. For the best results, one must make sure the pools surface has been throughly cleaned prior to painting. In almost all cases of the paint peeling the cleaning process was the culprit and not the paint itself.

Due to the said pool paint adherence difficulties most swimming pool painters will use a high quality epoxy coating because a good epoxy tends to stick better than other paints. Using an epoxy is still not a guarantee especially if the pools surface was not completely cleaned before painting.

With all of that said, an Elastomeric will work well just as long as the Elastomeric being used is recommended for a chlorinated swimming pool. Also, as I've previously stated the surface must be clean, and totally free of dirt, dust, debris, oils, grease and fats etc. (doing an acid etch process may be required before painting). As far as a sealer goes, each specific product has its own recommended process. I myself have never had to use a sealer but your coating may require one.

Last but not least, removing the paint would (in most cases) require sand blasting and when it comes to difficult to remove coatings Elastomeric's and epoxies rate right up at the top of the list. Just as long as a surface is good and solid a coating can be removed. It takes more time and money to do so though when coatings are formulated to withstand such harsh conditions.


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