Types of paint and painting products that one can use when coating walls and trim seem to grow in numbers every time you go to the paint store.

types of paint

Now a days, manufacturers have created an abundance of merchandise for an assortment of projects and painting problems. From kitchen and baths to specialty paints like Elastomerics or Waterbornes.

Whether your painting glass or need a protective product for raw wood, you can be assured, a paint manufacturer somewhere more than likely makes it.

Below you will find a list of products followed by information regarding types of paint, solvent, coating or filler.


Latex paint

Water-based (latex) paints can be used on both interior or exterior projects. Latex is quick drying, involves easy clean up and for the most part is simple to use.

Alkyd paint
Oil or alkyd based paint can at times be a very frustrating product to apply. With that said, oil based paints are durable, flow nicely and depending on color tends to leave the least amount of brush and roller marks.

Waterborne paint
Waterborne paints are excellent products. Once waterborne has cured it has a very hard surface, cleans well and in most cases is applied to both interior and exterior substrates. Waterbornes do have there drawbacks though, especially for the DIY'er.

Kitchen & bath paint
Chemical formulations for kitchen and bath paints implement additives that are designed to help fight mold and mildew. Kitchen and bath paints are also less likely to stain, crack or peel under humid conditions.

Floor paint
One of the most difficult surfaces to paint successfully is your floors. By using the correct procedures, primers and finish coatings, along with proper upkeep, your floor painting project should last a good long time.

Epoxy paint
Looking for types of paint with endurance, epoxy would be your best choice. With that said, epoxys do produce inherent problems that other coatings don't have.

Trim paint
Some manufacturers make products designed specifically for painting house trim. Trim paints tend to have excelent durability and adheasion along with sheens of either a semi or high gloss finish.

Ceiling paint
Ceiling paint comes in both a latex and alkyd (oil) based product. Un-painted textured ceilings require an alkyd coating where as non-textured and pre-painted ceilings can be top coated with a latex product.

Elastomeric, in my opinion, is one of the best paints to apply over exterior un-painted walls and trim. Raw wood, masonry along with concrete type substrates tend to give elasomeric paints a good pours surface to hold onto.

Enviro paint
Low or non-VOC (volitile organic compound) types of paints, are used more and more by Painting Professionals, Industry and home owners. From hospitals to the babys room, low VOC paints are easier on you and the enviroment your living in.

Primer Sealer
Primers and sealers have different purposes depending on the surface they are being applied to. Prior to priming or sealing you will need to know what works best for the job at hand.

Stucco coat
A stuccoed exterior can be painted and stucco coats are the recommended product for such surfaces. Coaatings for stucco are thicker and tend to bridge small hair line cracks better than regular paint does.

If you don't want to spend the extra money on an elastomeric product and have tiny cracks to fill then a stucco coating would be your next best choice.

Waterproof paint
Waterproof paint is one of those products that can be beneficial if used properly and under the correct environmental conditions.

Emulsion paints
Emulsion paints, like most paints, are the combination of a base usually water and oil binding pigments. Emulsions also include a number of other substances.


Interior stains

Use stain samples or pamphlets to help you select a stain for your banister or other interior wood surfaces. Stains will enhance a woods grain and gives the woods surface a more, textured look.

Exterior stains
Exterior stains usualy come in solid and semi transparent formulas. Use stain sample cards or color pamphlets to help you select a staining product.

Clear coats
If your dealing with raw or stained wood and need a protective coating over top of it, then shellac, varnish, lacquer or polyurethanes would normally be the coating of choice. With that said, some clear-coats are very difficult to use, others can be easier to apply.

Comercial Coatings
Comercial coatings not unlike industrial types of paint products are formulated for specific kinds of environment or types of surface usage.

Industrial Coatings
Industry uses a number of coatings that the average painting contractor or home owner will probably not find a need for. Even so, heres a break down of some of the most widely applied industrial coating products.

Different surfaces, rooms and areas can require an assortment of sheens. Flat, satin, eggshell, pearl, semigloss and gloss. Find out the types of paint sheens that will work best for your specific project.

Glaze is used for different kinds of faux finish painting techniques. With practise and the help of a glazing product along with a couple of different paint colors the walls in your home will be visions of elegance.

Non-painting contractors are usually shocked when they learn how many types of thinners and solvents there are on the market. They each have a purpose and with proper use can save you time and money.

Drywall (sheetrock) mud, 45, 90, setting compound, spackle, caulking, what's the best product for your specific crack, joint or hole filling situation.

Fabric paint
Fabric can be painted, the trick is to use products that are recomended for the job at hand.

Paneling paint
Paneling paint is not an actual product in my part of the world. Even so, you can paint your paneling as long as you use primers and procedures in the correct way.

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