Types of paint sprayer guns

by Eniola
(Nigeria, Lagos)

How many types of spray guns are there?
I need an explanation

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Oct 10, 2017

by: Shawn

Hi Eniola,

If your talking about paint sprayers there are a number of different types of unique guns to go with each specific paint sprayer.

Airless uses a piston system with one hose from the sprayer (or pump) to the gun, while an hvlp uses a low pressure turbine and one large air hose to a cup gun. A conventional system also uses a one air hose to a cup gun but with much higher air pressure from an air compressor. Then there's the air assist which is a cross between an airless and a conventional sprayer or hvlp which has a cup type gun but uses a product hose (like the airless) that goes directly to the sprayer rather than a cup. There are combinations of the sprayers I have mentioned too and I'm sure there are likely others that I have missed.

What one needs to remember about each system is that they all work well if you buy a higher end unit. Keep in mind though that each has their advantages as the airless can quickly spray just about any surface but not in as fine a detail as an hvlp though the hvlp is slower and at times can be less convenient than the airless. The air assist on the other hand is the best of all worlds but is bulky and expensive while the conventional is less costly to purchase (if you already have the right sized compressor) but can use more product.

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