Choosing house trim paint usually comes down to the type of trim being painted. Trim of course is the wood work attached to the interior or exterior of your home and hides the space left between the wall and your doors or windows and interior flooring.

Exterior trim also includes the doors and windows along with the surface the gutters attach to more commonly known as fascia.

Since each home is finished differently and for the sake of argument, we will say that trim is any part of your home interior or exterior that you would like to feature in a separate color from that of the surrounding areas.

Excluding of course the roof/soffit/ceiling or siding/walls. With that said, trim can be painted the same color as say your walls or siding, it does usually need to be coated with a different paint sheen though. Interior walls and siding tend to require paints that have a less glossy shine.

Flat, eggshell or satin for example, where as trim generally has a semi-gloss or gloss type of finish.

Glossier finishes are more durable than flatter ones and will wash easily once dirty. Using a less glossy paint on the walls, as opposed to the trim will also show off the trim even when it is painted in the same color.

Choosing trim paint purchased from your local paint retailer might seem a little daunting but your paint retailer has staff that are an invaluable resource, especially when buying a paint product from a store that specializes in just paint and paint sundries.

When you do buy your paint, be sure to have a good idea as what that specific paint product requires and where the coating is going to be applied prior to application. Some trim paints do not need pre-sanding where as others work best using a primer as an undercoat.

A primer may also be needed on bare wood or wood that is showing through after old and peeling paint has been scraped away.

Also, surfaces that where previously coated in alkyds, polyurethanes or lacquers might need specific procedures, techniques and products before painting.

Things like environment will also need to be considered. As an example, is this job interior or exterior, if it is interior will the trim being painted need to endure moisture or high humidity, (a bathroom for example) or is the trim in a kitchen and require washing on a regular bases.

Your local paint retailer will be able to advise you as to the best process and products required in regards to the type of surface being coated just be sure to supply them with as much information as possible.

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