Tinting drywall or sheetrock mud

by Michael
(Pickton Texas USA)

I have sheetrock walls and I plan on texturing them. I was told that I could mix my paint with my texture and apply them both at once. So with that said, I was wondering how to mix my paint and texture together so as to apply it with my air hopper gun?

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Sep 26, 2015

by: Shawn & Donna

Hi Michael,

The manufacturers of both the paint and the texture don't recommend mixing the two.

Even so, it is done all the time and the ratio tends to be 1 gallon of paint to a box of mud (give or take). The ratio varies of course depending on the look that your going for.

Repair and prime your walls then paint them with a complimentary color to your colored mud. You should start with a much smaller amount of paint, than a gallon (a quart for instance). Mix the two products together using a large 1/2 inch drill and a mud paddle then spray it on some cardboard. Keep adding either paint or mud and then spraying until your happy with the splatter and the color. Now you can proceed to your intended surface.

I would add though that the best way to tint mud is to use universal paint tint. Keep adding tint/s to the the mud and mixing until you get the color that your looking for. You can either buy tints from a craft store or ask your local paint dealer for some in a jar you have (they will probably charge you a couple bucks of course). The paint store rep can also give you some advice on the amounts of tints to use so that you can get close, but not exact, to a color that your looking for.

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