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For the person who's techniques painting walls idea involve only a couple of rooms the listing below might be a little more than you need.

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I know a fellow contractor who has no employees yet buys his brushes for his techniques painting walls by the case. You would think he acquires numerous amounts of bristled tools because of the number of appendages he has, not so.

My buddy insists he purchases his brushes only when there on sale. He says his reasoning for buying so many latex applicators is due to there durability.

He has cases and cases of unused top of the line two and a half inch cutting in tools because they will last forever. See what paint does to your brain cells.

On the other side of the coin I have a contractor friend who's been in the painting industry for over twenty five years. Through the duration of his illustrious career I'm sure he has used the same tools he originally started his company with.

As his cherished brushes get older they start looking like seeded out dandelions. With scissors in hand he removes the most offending hairs then proceeds to his techniques painting walls projects.

One person after borrowing a wooden handled weed from my friend asked if he used it to swab the deck of the titanic. Of course these gentlemen would say I've exaggerated their story's a tad.

Having the correct brush can make the difference between an easy job and one that causes pain and aggravation. Before starting your techniques painting walls you'll need to know which brush works best for the work at hand.

Brush type used depends not only on your chosen product but the kind of project you're doing.

There are a multitude of shapes and sizes when selecting the tool you use to cut in a room. Sash, chiseled bristle synthetic, what's a person to do.

Click on the above blue brush link and learn how to buy the proper brushing tools.


Do it yourselfers refer to the one of the tools they use for techniques painting walls as a ROLLER. The fabric covered tube that slides onto the rolling device is commonly called a cover. Paint professionals refer to both of these items as a cage and sleeve. No mater what your tools are called the coating industry hasn't been the same since. there creation. In years past a home was painted using only a brush. A tedious task indeed. Even with this fine invention some older CONTRACTORs still dream of the ROLLING days. I know of two painters who recently brushed latex onto a 1000 square foot cinder block wall. Why you ask. I being the curious sort approached these fellows with the exact same question. With a big smiley grin the oldest of the pair replied "we just got new brushes and wanted to test them out." If that's not a good enough reason for techniques painting walls I suppose there isn't one. Click on the roller link and learn the procedure for buying a good cage and sleeve.


Ten years back instead of a techniques painting walls project I decided to repaint the fascia on my house. I started at the back brushing (yes I said brushing even I can be a little old school some times) the wood and eavestrough. I efficiently moved the LADDER around the house alone in my own little world. Up to the top down to the bottom up to the top and down to the bottom. It was a nice day and lost in my own thoughts I clipped along quickly. I eventually ended up at the entrance of my home. I situated my self between the front door my picture window. I Quickly scampering up the ladder and painted the fascia and eves. Once done I proceed on to the highest peak of my home. You being an astute reader noticed I didn't mention moving the ladder. I had forgotten where I was and had stepped off the very top. I fell to the ground passing the middle of the aforementioned window. My father had been inside reading the news paper. Every so often he would glance up to look out the window. This time his view was obstructed by a white blob with flailing arms and legs zooming to the ground. He ran outside along with the neighbor lady from across the street. She had been watching me paint while washing her dishes. They of course asked how I was. I luckily enough only hurt my calf muscle and wounded my pride. Click this link to learn more about ladders and techniques painting walls.


Just about anything can be used as a FAUX TOOL. With a little imagination and a techniques painting walls idea you could jazz up a room using glaze, a toaster and two pork chops. (Not quite but close). If you decide to pass on items from your freezer for your decorating projects click on this link to learn more about the assortment of wall designing tools that are on the market.


Before beginning a painting project I fill my pockets with goodies to make my working day a little easier. I'm also the kind of guy who loves to try new toys. If your curious as to my opinion on speed rollers, power roller, Wagner, or any of the OTHER TOOLS for techniques painting walls that come into the stores, then hit this link before spending your money.


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