The most expensive paint will never fix the poor finish caused by a low quality brush. An economy priced brush has fewer filaments (hairs) and flags (split ends on the hairs) both attributes are important for holding and spreading paint. Cheaper brushes will leave sags, runs, and marks on a painted surface. If you buy a good brush, that's made specifically for the job at hand you will be satisfied with your projects results. A quality technique painting project requires a good brush.

A polyester brush can be used for all paints. Ones with numerous filaments and flags will be durable and paint faster.

Nylon brushes can be used for almost any type of paint. They do absorbed water and when used in latex don't hold up well over extended use. A nylon brush will have longevity if used specifically for oil based paints.

Natural Bristle:
Natural bristle brushes are made for use with oil based paints. Water will cause this type of brush to become soft leaving you with a inferior painting tool.

The best brushes are usually mixed with both polyester and nylon filaments and can be used for both latex and alkyd paints.

Use a painters mitt and pad for doing technique painting work there great for getting into hard to reach places.


I use a 2 1/2 inch Purdy sash brush for my technique painting jobs. The Purdy is one of the best brushes on the market. The nylon polyester mixture gives it the versatility to be used with all paints. A Purdy brush has a good percentage of hairs and is flagged well adding to its ability to distribute latex or oil over long distances. Sash brushes have filaments that are cut at angles providing the user with prercise control of the paint. A Purdy will absorb a lot of paint before they start to lose resiliency. When painting varnish or lacquer I will use a flat or chiseled brush. I find that the sash doesn't work as well for clear coats and can leave lap marks on technique painting surfases.


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