Stripipng old paint from a wrought iron gate or fence

by Arthur
(Salisbury Wiltshire)

I have a very attractive wrought iron gate the paint on which has started to peal and become rough and green (the normal colour is black).

What is the best way of stripping the surface to allow me to paint it again.

Hi Arthur,

The best process for removing old paint from wrought iron (pealing or otherwise) is sandblasting.

Sandblasting involves a specialized sprayer, high air pressure and a blasting medium (sand, soda or glass etc.)

A sandblasting contractor can do the job for you or you can rent the equipment from an equipment rental shop.

Purchasing the equipment is also an option, though the air compressor used does need to have enough power to get the job done.

Another option is chemical strippers but I don't find them very practical other than on small areas. Being as your just doing a gate, applying a chemical stripper could be a plausible choice.

Using a paint scraper, wire brush (on an electric drill), steal wool and emery cloth (sand paper for metal) also works well but can be very labour intensive.

Once the pealed paint is blasted away (wire brushed, stripped and sanded flat with the metal) use an HVLP (high volume low pressure) paint sprayer to apply your recommended (by a paint retailer) primer and paint.

An HVLP gives the best results but other painting techniques including aerosol spray cans, brush or paint roller will also get your project completed.


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