Spray paint equipment comes in an assortment of types and sizes along with most paint sprayers having the ability to apply almost any kind of coating or painting product.

spraying a room airless spraying paint cup gun

A paint job that requires speed though, would be best accomplished using the help of an airless painting machine.

Woodwork on the other-hand such as maple or oak usually requires the services of an hvlp or air assist system.

With that said, some Professional Painters prefer to own one piece of spraying equipment for the majority of projects they perform. In most cases, said equipment would be a high quality airless paint sprayer.

Below you will find pages on this site that should help with descriptions for each specific type of spray system along with how to paint and coating spraying advice.

Airless paint sprayers

Airless paint spray equipment is considered by most professional paint contractors as the most versatile paint sprayer one can buy.

Virtually every type of spraying material from tar to clear coat lacquers can be applied with an airless sprayer. You would have to use the correct sized sprayer, gun and tip though.

Air assist
Cabinet makers, fine wood workers and automotive painters are the primary users of air assist sprayers. When operated by a skilled painter air assist spray paint equipment tends to leave the best finish. A major con for the air assist though is it's high cost to purchase.

High volume low pressure
HVLP's or high volume low pressure paint sprayers work best when doing fine finish projects. Especially those that involve clear coating Woodwork such as oak or maple.

An HVLP will spray on latex or alkyd paints but doing so would be a slow process and not recommended for larger surfaces.

Compressor type paint sprayer
Conventional paint spray equipment that a lot of guys still have in their garage is the old school way of spray painting. Even so, old fashioned as it may be you'll still get the job done.

Keep in mind though that a conventional sprayer can use more product than other spraying machines resulting in excess coating loss and over-spray.

Electrostatic sprayer systems
Due to the cost of electrostatic paint sprayers they are in most cases used by industry or commercial spraying contractors. Electrostatic sprayers use an electrical charge causing powdered type paints to stick to one metal object while not adhering to the other.

Hand held electric cup gun
I myself don't recommend using a hand held electric cup gun type of paint sprayer. Electric cup guns, in most cases, are slow and can intermittently spit product as your spray painting a surface.

Also, the material your trying to apply usually needs excessive thinning before it goes through the gun. Hand held electrics are cheap to buy though and work well for certain projects.

Coating products for paint sprayers
The proper product needs to be used with the correct machine. Even though most spray paint equipment will apply any type of coating material, certain machines work better when one uses specific products along with product thinning recommendations.

High pressure washer
Having so many pressure washers on the market can make it difficult for one to choose what to buy. Pressure washers come in an assortment of pressure strengths, along with being both gas powered or electric. Certain washers also have different kinds of attachments for you to purchase.

How to use a paint sprayer
No matter what type of paint sprayer you use, acquiring the techniques for doing the job properly along with continues practice is the only way to end up with a professional looking job.

Paint spraying problems
Paint sprayers can have an assortment of problems along with issues arising once a surface has been sprayed.

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