There are a number of spray coatings one can apply when spraying on paint products. Below you will find information regarding the different types of paints to use with the majority of sprayers on the market.

Before using any spray coatings system or product, practice on an object or piece of board that you do not mind throwing away. Also, follow all local government regulations pertaining to paints and spray painting systems.

Many homes have been sprayed with latex paint. A lot of new construction projects are sprayed using an airless sprayer and latex spray coatings. An airless is probably the best sprayer for latex, but like all spraying a little practice will likely be needed before tackling any paint jobs. Latex can be thinned by about 10% depending on the type of sprayer your using. Check with your local paint dealer for more information regarding latex coatings.

Alkyd is a very durable spray coating but tends to smell badly even when a product is called low odor. You will also need some practice spraying alkyd so as to get use to its tendencies to sag and run. Alkyd can be thinned if needed, if you do thin alkyd try and keep the dilution to 5% or less. The only time I have ever thined alkyd is when I'm spraying it through a conventional, or cup spray system. Check with your local paint dealer for more information regarding alkyd coatings.

I love waterborne spray coatings. A waterborne products come in clear, like urethane and lacquer or colored like paint and are as durable as an alkyd coating, yet cleans up with water. Waterborne though, can be quite a bit more costly than latex. Most waterbornes can be thinned by 10%, in most cases thinning will not be required. Check with your local paint dealer for more information regarding waterborne coatings.

I do not like spraying on urethane, one reason is its high yellowing factor, other disadvantages include long lasting odor and when sprayed has a tendency to run or sag. Even so urethane is one of the most durable products to apply. If you need to paint on some urethane, using a brush is the best way to go. With larger areas a sprayer is fine for alkyd spray coatings but be sure to do a lot of practicing before taking on any big or expensive projects. Check with your local paint dealer for more information regarding urethanes.

You can spray lacquer with just about any type of coating system, I on the other hand prefer an hvlp as it gives me more control over the product and the sprayer itself. Prior to spraying with any system you will more than likely need to thin the lacquer with a good quality lacquer thinner. Most sprayers will properly atomize the lacquer when it is thinned by about 30%. All machines are different, so test before diluting, otherwise you may find your lacquer to thin leaveing sags and runs or to thick resulting cloging and orange pealing. Some painters like to thin their first spray coating by 50%. I don't do this as I usually use a sanding sealer. Check with your local paint dealer for more information regarding lacquers.

Epoxy coatings require special care when using, always follow label instructions. In most cases I would not recommend using a paint sprayer to apply epoxy unless you have a specific spray system to do the job. Not just because of the epoxies time limit for drying but its tendency of causing a sprayer nothing but grief when you try other spray coating materials in the machine. With that said, I have in the past used one of my airless systems to apply epoxy. After doing so I thoroughly cleand the sprayer to be used for latex. It worked but still spit out crap like crazy for some time after. I also ended up changing the sprayers packings sooner than I normaly would have. It's best to have a separate system when applying epoxy. Check with your local paint dealer for more information regarding epoxies.


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