Should I prime before painting vinyl

by Audrey

I want to paint a quality vinyl coated wardrobe which is at present a deep beige colour, which I want to paint an ivory washed cream colour.

What paint can I use which is not a spray paint. I can't use spray paint, as I'm useless at spray painting, but am a dab hand with a brush or roller.

Do I need to undercoat first or will a good wash down suffice?


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Sep 15, 2010
Priming a vinyl surface
by: Shawn the painter

Hi Audrey,

I myself would probably spray it with Krylon® Fusion as I find it works best on plastics surfaces. Not sure whether Fusion comes in a non spray type product though.

If you can't find Fusion that you can brush and roll use a top quality primer coat instead. Your primer coat needs to be recomended for the the kind of coating that is already on your wardrobe prior to painting (vinyl).

Once primed (sanded and re-primed if needed) almost any kind of paint can then be applied.

A dealer in your area, one that sells only painting and decorating products, would be the best place to go for advice on your specific project.

Also, be sure to follow all product label instructions no matter what coating you decide to use.


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