Should I apply drywall compound (or plaster) over my wallpaper

We are trying to take down wallpaper and the chemical won't take it off. So should we try a steamer, or mud over the wallpaper.

It depends on how you have attempted to remove the paper from the surface.

I suggest you roll hot water onto the wallpaper with a paint roller. Once the water has had some time to soak into the paper (10 or 15 minutes) roll it again then start scraping the wallpaper away with a wide drywall taping knife. Keep rolling water on and scraping until the paper has bee removed.

Using a paint roller/cover and tray is a messy way to remove your wallpaper (you will need lots of drop cloths). Even so, it tends to work better than any other method.

Renting a steamer is an option, as it can be less messy. With that said I would attempt the roller process first just to see if the wallpaper is actually removable.

After trying the above technique without results you can prime the wallpaper. Before priming, your surface needs to be throughly dry. Furthermore, the oil (alkyd) based primer should be made specifically for going over wallpaper.

Once the primer is dry you can then plaster or trowel on drywall compound to level the surface.

Follow up by sanding your mud, then re-applying the compound (if needed). Keep layering on mud, sanding and spot priming until your happy with the surface.

Using two coats of top quality paint completes your project.

This skim coating page should help.


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