I tend to look for the best drywall or sheetrock pricing that I can find when I'm doing a larger sized drywalling project.

Due to demand and extra shipping charges, Sheetrock over the last couple of years has increased substantially in cost.

Below you will find generalized information on pricing for sheetrock and what the cost would be to have a sheet-rocking professional (drywall boarder) do the work for you.

Keep in mind, all numbers below are in general terms and will only to give you a good guess, as to what a project will cost you.


The Internet isn't the best place to get pricing for sheetrock. Why would that be you might ask? Well! Sheetrock, or drywall as it's more commonly called, is heavy, fragile and like most commoditys, can easily change pricing from day to day.

Due to those three reasons, selling sheetrock online is almost an impossibility. So, if a sheetrock retailer knows that there not going to make a sale on the world wide web, they're reluctant to let the competition know what they're charging.

Also, what you pay for your sheetrock, depends entirely on the country you live in and were in that country your situated. With that said, I'll try and give you a general (and I mean very general) idea for the cost of purchasing sheetrock and having the sheetrock put up for you.


Were you live, your sheetrock might cost you .30 cents a square foot, while someone else on the other side of the country could be paying .60 cents or more. For an exact dollar amount on sheetrock, contact your local home improvement center.

When you do so, don't forget to consider the price for delivery and what that delivery consists of. Your local home improvement center might be charging .30 cents a square foot or $9.60 for a 4x8 sheet, while the drywall supplier is at .40 cents or 12.80 for the same hunk of board.

Yet, the drywall suppliers charge rate, might also include delivering the sheetrock and taking all 50 sheets downstairs right to the middle of your basement project. I myself would rather pay the extra, dollars, especial if the boards are 12 or 14 footers.

Not only is sheetrock heavy and cumbersome but that way when a board gets broken, the supplier will replace it. Then again, your home improvement center might be the place to buy the screws, nails, mud, tape or tools. You will need to decide on what will work best for your situation.


Like the price of sheetrock, having a room boarded by a professional Sheet-rocker (or Boarder) can vary from one region to the next. With that said, $2.00 to $4.00 per sq foot of wall area, would be a good general idea to use for your calculations.

Add on the same amount, for taping (and mudding). Try to get three estimates from reputable drywallers, then pick the estimate with the price that falls in the middle of the other two estimates. A good tradesman would never charge for an estimate, so not to worry about the cost of the estimates.


When doing a quick cost calculation for the sheetrock itself, I would go with 40 or 50 cents a square foot of wall area being boarded. If using a general number, isn't going to work for you, then contact your local drywall supplier or home improvement center to acquire more accurate pricing.

Using $2.00 to $3.00 a square foot would be a good overall dollar value for figuring out what a professional sheet rocker is going to charge, which would include the drywall and materials for your room. Add on about the same pricing for mudding and taping.

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