Removing wallpaper seam adhesive.

by Bob
(Kelowna, B.C.)

I would like to know how to remove wallpaper seam adhesive. The adhesive you can buy when all else fails to glue down the seams. I have tried soaking with TSP & then rubbing with TSP soaked scotch brite pads & steel wool. This method does remove some residue but not all.


Hi Bob,

Most wallpaper seams lift because of moisture or humidity so seam adhesives are made to resist the water that you would use to remove the glues residue.

Your best bet would be to apply a skim coat of mud (drywall compound) over each area that the glue is visible.

You might actually find that priming the surface first (then applying your mud after the primer throughly dries) tends to work the best). By priming first it makes it that much easier to see where all the glue spots etc. are going to be showing through your paint.

Be sure to use a wide trowel or drywall taping
knife. Follow up by sanding each coat of dried mud along with laying on more mud coatings (and sanding between coats) until your surface is smooth and perfectly level. Re-prime your mudding and pole sand the dried primer prior to painting


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