Removing the ink label (stamp) from Blandex or chipboard

We're putting Blandex up on the walls in our basement and they have a black row of print on each sheet that I would like to get rid of it.

Nothing I have tried works. I've used alcohol, mineral spirits, hair spray, cooking spray, and Krud Kutter.

Any ideas??


Successful removal will depend on the type of label the Manufacturer has used, how far in the ink penetrated and if a coating has been applied over top of the label itself.

Another issue is dis-coloring of the wood while trying any type of ink removal process. I would suggest doing a test with the suggestions below prior to tackling your wall boards.

Here are a few options to try out.

1.) Isopropyl alcohol. Let it sit for about five minutes then wipe it off. (Sounds like you have tried this one already).

2.) A product called goof off tends to work extremely well. With that said, it still has a lot of the disadvantages which I mention in the next paragraph due mostly to being formulated with some of the same of the same chemicals.

3.) lacquer thinner, toluene or another chemical (that's recommended by the paint store) might do the trick. Keep in mind these are nasty products, that smell bad, are flammable and can be hard on the skin.

Wear safety gear while testing this process (in the well ventilated outdoors if possible).

4.) If the ink is being stubborn then try sanding it off. Do so by using a good quality electric palm sander. Start with a gritty sand paper and work your way up to a less gritty one. Be sure to sand the entire board for uniformity.

keep in mind that some types of chip board do not sand very well though. Test a piece of board first and wear a mask while sanding.

As a final note, in the past one could order chip board that didn't have the manufacturers label on it. I'm not sure if that's still an option though, even so, I myself would ask your retailer just to be sure.


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