Removing excess glue from a wallpaper surface

by Barb

My question is how to remove border glue residue without damaging the border or wallpaper.

I've just recently remodeled with new paper and borders and now have noticed a few areas where I missed wiping the adhesive completely off. I do not wish to remove any border or paper and all the techniques I have found are all about removing glue as if I was to repaper, this is not the case however.

I am afraid to try any of these ie: vinegar etc. for fear of loosening the border or paper.

Any suggestions? Thank you.

Hi Barb,

The longer the glue is on the surface the more difficult it becomes to remove. In most cases, any time after a few days, the glues top surface has cured. It does depend on the glue though and some glues are much easier to remove than others. Further more, if it's a good quality vinyl wallpaper/border it should be able to handle a certain amount of scrubbing.

I would suggest using warm water to start with them move up to a more aggressive solution like vinegar, soapy water, or TSP etc. if the warm water doesn't do the trick.

Let the water sit on the glue for a few minutes then wipe the glue away. The longer the water sits on the glue, the easier it will be to remove it. Unfortunately the border or wall paper might also start to lift from the wall. If you do have edges of the border or wallpaper that lifts you can buy a glue to fix the problem (usually from the same retailer where you bought the wallpaper). Be careful when using such glue though as it can be even more difficult to remove than the wallpapers glue itself.

If your concerned about damaging the paper then try wetting a piece of leftover border, followed by smearing the borders wet glue all over a piece of the leftover wallpaper. Remove the border, from the wallpaper and let the glue throughly dry. Once the glue has dried (for a couple of days at least) try removing the glue with different types of cleaners.

You will want to have applied glued to the face of a large enough chunk of wallpaper or border so that you have a good sized area to work with.


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