porch soffitt

by dennis
(dallas, texas)

I made the mistake of pressure washing the front porch. The ceiling soffit paper backing peeled off, exposing what resembles chaulk interior (looks like the inside of sheetrock/drywall). Will that take paint? Should I remove the board and replace or nail new soffit board over the existing?

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Jun 03, 2018

by: Shawn

Hi Dennis,

I would guess that the surface was some type of sheetrock or drywall. a

Depending on how bad the washed area is (if it's quite bad you will have to remove it and replace it with something that is more suited for an exterior space). If it's not to badly damaged I would suggest removing or cutting out of any bubbled drywall or lifting paper.

Now apply a stain blocking oil or alkyed based primer over the entire surface and let it dry. You can then do a skim coating (or mud application) to level out any imperfections using an exterior filler. Once the filler dries sand it and fill again. Keep filling and sanding until your happy with the way it looks. After that filler is dry and is sanded apply another coat of the oil primer over the whole surface. Let the primer dry give it a sanding, fix any areas that need fixing (with some more mud) sand and spot prime the mud repairs and then brush and roll on a couple coats of exterior paint.

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