Placing a ladder on a metal roof surface

by Janet
(Billlings, MT, USA)

How do you secure a ladder to reach soffit that is up 8-10 feet in the air while on a metal roof? Can the ladder be secured in some way. I don't want to the scratch metal roof?

Hi Janet,

I myself would never place a ladder on a metal roof. Not because of scratching though. My concern would be falling off.

Even fire fighters are finding metal roofs to be a huge issue and I consider fire fighters to be the ladder experts. Fire fighters also have access to the most advanced type ladders and ladder equipment.

If you don't have (safe) accessibility from the ground to the soffit (with a purchased or rented extension ladder) then I would use some kind of a man lift to get the job done.

Another alternative is to securely bolt, nail or screw a 2x4 (wrapped with a soft covering) onto the roof (for the rubber covered feet of the ladder to lean or brace against). To do so I suggest that you use some sort of roofing brackets. Ones that are recommended for a ladder sit on.

This will of course makes holes in the roof (and needs to be filed with an exterior silicone caulking). Said caulking would have to match the color of the metal roof.


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