Paint sprayers are one of the fastest ways to get a painting project completed. If your looking for information regarding the sprayer that you own, use the paint sprayer types section to help you. With that said, you may still need how to advice for applying paint with the sprayer you have. Even so no matter what spray system you use, the process of spraying is somewhat the same. By reading the text that follows, or clicking the link above, you should be able find the information your looking for.

There are all types of paint sprayers. From using a air compressor and cup gun to airless applications. Be sure to check with your local paint supplier to find out if your using the proper sprayer for the product and job your doing. By doing so you should be happy with your finished project, and the time it took to complete the job at hand.

Each type of surface requires a specific kind of spray material. Your paint supplier will assist you in the proper selection and use of paints and thinners for your coating project.

Use this paint sprayer page for information regarding set up of the sprayer your going to use. Each system has different requirements. Return hear to learn how to put the product on.


The process of spraying is similar no matter what type of system being used. Sprayer set up is different though, depending on the kind of machine your running. Be sure to check out the paint sprayers link before beginning your project.

Paint sprayers can have gun settings that are different from one system to another. Understanding how your gun works is important process prior to coating any kind of project.

Repetition will always give you the best results. Use scrap pieces of wood, cardboard, or drywall etc to practice on before beginning your job.

First cover all areas that you don't want over sprayed . To begin, use a scrap piece of board to practice on, also the gun needs to be adjusted for right to left spraying and any paint sprayers or systems being used ready to go. Start spraying. Hold the gun 6" to 12" inches away from your surface (depending on the System) at the top of the practice piece. Spray from right to left. Pull the guns trigger just ahead of where the surface begins. Spray a path of coating evenly and always have the gun the same distance from the project your working on. After making your long rectangle shaped coating or wide strait line drop down and overlap your first coat by 50% of the second. Keep doing this until your entire surface is covered. Once everything is dry, sand between each coat with the proper grit for the product your Using, then apply the next coat. Primer and two coats of paint or three applications of clear coat are usually recommended.


Knowing your sprayers limits and practicing is the only way to do a good job . A flat surface is the best area to start with. More intricate items like spindles and cabinets will require a through understanding of what your doing before starting such projects.


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