Check out the other faux techniques like painting rag or splattering. Also start with the basics part of this web site, there you'll learn information from safety to setup. The bold words in the text represent links that will help you with your interior design painting and exterior projects.


TIME: 300 sq ft (estimating time) wall area per hour 75 % less time for the second coat. (For dragging and painting rag.

TOOLS: Drywall knife, caulk/gun, brush/cut can, ladder, roller/cage/pole/, tray/liner, drops, pencil, broom, measuring tape, two 3 ft by 3 ft sheets of thick cardboard sewing pins.

PRODUCTS: Drywall mud, caulking, tray liners, tape, plastic, spray can of stain blocker, cotton rag, rubber gloves, disposable clothes.

PAINT: Primer if needed ( primer/sealer section)( 300 to 400 sq ft per gallon). Base coat (300 to 400 sq ft per gallon) 75% less for second coat. Complementing paint, color for accent (300 to 400 sq ft per gallon). Quart of glaze if needed. The amount of paint depends on the size of the room. (For both painting rag and dragging)

COST: $100.00 (not including tools) 150 sq ft floor area.(Example bedroom 10 ft long by 15 ft wide.)


Follow the instructions in painting rag or RAGGING to show you how to divide a wall for a border. You will also find more techniques by reading the other faux finish pages on this site. Once the room has been set up and prepped out, asses the walls. See if they need a fresh base coat semigloss preferably. If the last coating is in poor condition or you need to apply the proper sheen then go ahead and cut and roll it on. Two coats if needed. When the wall is dry, set up your diluted accent mixture in a tray. Use a brush to cut in areas with your diluted tone. Be sure tape is protecting any objects that you don't want painted. Light switches, doors, windows, baseboards etc. Start rolling the dilution up to the tape line (2" tape is best). Using a wide brush or broom yes I said broom drag what you've rolled on (be sure your dragging tool is always parallel to the wall) upwards towards the ceiling. Stop at your border line in the center of the room. If you have a helper, one should apply the accent while the other does the dragging. Work in one, two or three yard wide sections depending on how fast the dilution is setting. Try the broom on your test boards first before using it on the walls. Ones that are to soft or hard won't give the desired affect. Using latex accents will also let you clean up with soap and water. There goes your excuse for not sweeping the floors. After the walls are dry you can apply your wall paper border (or other types see borders). If you've matched colors from the paper to the base coat and accents whether your painting rag or dragging you should be quite happy with your chosen idea for interior decorating.


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