For those of you painting gutters, fascia and soffit and aren't sure where to locate them on your home, a soffit is the underside part of a roof that hangs out away form your siding.

Fascia on the other hand, is nailed to the soffit and is usually a board 1" to 3/4" of an inch thick and 6" to 8" wide.

People tend to clip there Christmas lights onto either the soffit or fascia of a house, where as rain gutters are in most cases attached to a homes fascia.

Gutters, soffit and fascia can be painted, regardless of what material they are manufactured from.

Keep in mind though, gutters and other surfaces made from galvanized metal, need to age for a year or so, before you apply a coating to them.

Also, galvanized metal, at times requires a specialized primer, ask your local paint supplier for product, tool and application advice regarding the type of material you're going to paint.


A couple tools that you may want to have on hand for your project are ladder attachments. The attachments I'm referring to are the type that will hold a ladder away from your siding by about two feet give or take an inch or more.
Holding the ladder out with the use of attachments makes painting your fascia a lot easier.

Buying or renting such attachments from your local home improvement center might be an option to consider.

TOOLS AND PRODUCTS (you might need)

  • Ladders, Attachments & Scaffolding.

  • Wood Planks, Saw Horses.
  • Drop Sheets, Plastic Etc.
  • Painters Tape.
  • 2 1/2" Sash Brush.
  • Cut Can, 1/3 Full Of Paint (or less).
  • Cut Can Hook.
  • Paint/Primer.
  • Rollers/Covers, Extension Poles, Trays.
  • Rope.
  • Paint Scraper.
  • Paint-able Caulking & Gun.
  • Paintable Filler.
  • Sand Paper (100 grit).

Before you start painting your soffit, fascia and gutters you are going to have to protect areas that you don't wish to get paint on.

To do so, secure to the intended surface, drop sheets, plastic, tape and masking as needed otherwise your sidewalks and vegetation may end up coated in the same color as your house.

Also, bushes may need to be tied back from the siding, so that you can get closer to your soffit fascia or gutters.

Remove/replace nails that are sticking out, scrape away old flaking paint, then caulk and fill cracks and holes using paint-able caulking and filler.

Once you have scraped and filled your soffit, fascia and gutters spot prime bare areas with a good quality exterior primer.

Be sure the primer and paint is specifically manufactured for the type of surface being painted.

Have your tools and coating materials, set up and ready to paint.


Paint Sprayer.
A paint sprayer can be used to coat your soffit, gutters and fascia.

If you do use a paint sprayer, be very diligent about protecting surfaces that you do not want covered in over-spray. You will not be happy if shingles, siding, vehicles and vegetation end up speckled in Cape Cod green or Oxford brown.

Paint sprayers also need a little understanding of how they work, so I wouldn't advise using a paint sprayer for your soffit, fascia and gutters, if it's your first paint spraying project.

Brushing and rolling is the most widely used way of painting your soffit, fascia and gutters. Fascia gutters, and soffit are usually painted in different colors so as to accent your home.

In most cases, color selection consists of painting the soffit the same shade as the siding, while fascia and gutters are coated in your trim (doors, window casing, shutters) color.

You will need to decide what works for you, if your wanting the fastest procedure then painting the soffit, fascia, and gutters the same shade will be quicker and a lot easier than using an accent color.

If you are using one color, adjust the instructions below as you will not need to start your project by painting the fascia lip first. Instead begin at the roof line and work your way around the house, then lower the ladder to paint your soffit and fascia lip in the same color as the front of the fascia.

Some gutters will not need painting, if so, you will have to cut around the gutters with your paint and brush.

  1. Put your ladder in place, attach your cut can to the ladder using your can hook then starting at the top close to the roof line work your way around the house. As your going up the ladder, use your brush and can of paint to paint the under lip and edge of the fascia that wraps around and touches the soffit.

  2. Continue painting your gutters and fascia, moving around the house until your first coat is done. Once your fascia and gutters are painted, lower your ladder to begin painting the soffit.

  3. Change colors if needed. Cut in your soffit with the brush while moving around the house carrying your ladder and cut can.

    Brushing can be a finicky process, if you need to use a paint shield go ahead and do so. Painters tape will work but tape takes a little longer to put up and you will have to wait for the newly painted fascia to dry completely, before applying tape.

  4. Even so, for those not use to using a brush, painters tape or a shield might be your only recourse for protecting areas that need protecting. When using a shield, try and keep the back clean, otherwise you will be making a bigger mess than is necessary.

  5. After the soffit is cut in, use your tray, roller/cover and extension pole to paint the soffit itself.

    Painters tend to roll soffit from the ground, with the help of an extra long extension pole.

    Two story homes and gable ends can be quite high up, rented scaffolding may be needed to get the job done properly.

    Remember, always follow ladder and scaffolding safety procedures and be careful when working with extension poles.

    Extension poles can come in contact with electrical wires and you might also not want a wet roller accidentally hitting your homes siding or window trim.

  6. With your first coat thoroughly dry (time between coats depends on the paint used), start over by applying the second application to your fascia. Once the second fascia coat is completed, move on to getting your soffit done.


I have used a speed roller (Wizz), along with a cut can ladder hook and grid (bought from the paint store) to quickly paint fascia and gutters, if you intend on working with a speed roller some practice of use might be required. Especially when tackling a large job like painting gutters and fascia.

Even so, with a speed roller that has the proper nap cover attached, it becomes a lot easier to roll the under lip of the fascia. Talk to your local paint suppler regarding the products and tools you might need with the job being done.

Higher soffit can also be brushed or speed rolled (use a paint can grid) if you do not want to rent scaffolding, it will just take a little longer to get the job done.

Another thing to keep in mind is darker colors covering lighter colors, can require a third coat.

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