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From choosing colors for the lake house to coating your floors and ceilings.

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Ideas decorating a home

The ideas decorating a home page is an assortment of wall techniques, themes and interior design projects.

Bedroom decoration colors
Our bedroom decorating colors page gives you an color selection tools, bedroom interior design ideas and painting and decorating solutions.

Decorating idea for kids rooms
Decorating idea for kids rooms will help you find how to painting advice and bedroom design styles.

More decorating ideas for kids rooms
Here's some more ideas for decorating your children's bedrooms including project help with boys, girls and teens rooms.

Decorating ideas for a small bedroom
Small bedroom decorating information. Lighting help and how to color selection advice.

Lake house decorating
This lake house decorating link takes you to ideas and recomendations for sprucing up your lake front property.

Christmas tree decorating ideas
There are a number of Christmas tree decorating ideas that one can use. From making your own ornaments to the learning about the different elements too tree trimming.

Decorating tools
From software to brushes and rollers. Suggestions for the best tools to use when painting and decorating.


Painting and decorating solutions for floor painting designs

The floor painting designs page gives you how to help for apply specialty, faux and stenciled floor patterns.


Bedroom painting ideas

Painting how to advice and ideas for interior design bedroom techniques or projects.

Ceiling painting and product selection help
Advice regarding how to roll or spray your ceilings along with product selection help.

Faux painting
Doing a faux finish is one of the easiest ways to add design inspiration to the walls and other surfaces of your home.


Paint and primer

There are an assortment of paint and primers for you to choose from depending on the type of project being done.

Types of paint
The proper types of paint to use for your interior painting and decorating solutions including waterborn, modified oil, latex and alkyd.

What is ceiling paint
If your looking for information on ceiling paint along with getting those textured and non-textured ceilings coated, then the ceiling page will help.

Home decorating paint
Tips for choosing the best home decorating paint in regards to the specific type of job being done.

Choosing floor paint
Choosing the proper floor paint, while using good preperation and application techniques insures your floor project is done quickly and in the best possible manner.

Kitchen and bath paint
Paint manufacturers have formulated speciality products made specifically for the kitchen and bathrooms of your home.

What are epoxy paints
There are an assortment of epoxy paints to choose from depending on the type of project done and surface being coated.

Selecting trim paint
When you need painting and decorating solutions for both interior and exterior trim, be sure to remember that trim should be painted with a specific type of paint product.

What is elastomeric paint
Elastomeric paint is by far the best coating one can apply to the exterior of their home. Elastomerics are especialy suited for masonary type surfaces.

Environmental paints
Environmental paints are becoming more and more popular with home owners. Non-toxic low/non VOC (volatile organic compound) paints are beneficial to both people and the environment they live in.

Stucco paints
Stucco paint can be applied to either interior or exterior projects. Coatings for stucco work best when a thicker, breathable product is required.

Industrial paints
Industrial paints are formulated for high abuse surfaces. Some coatings are also created for specific types of industry or paint spraying application.

Teflon spray coating
Looking for how to information regarding a teflon spray coating, those dingy old pots and pans maybe.

Painting tools
Painters use an assortment of tools to get the job done. From free online color selector software, to ladders and application equipment.


Putting up sheetrock

The above page will give you how to information for putting up sheetrock or drywall board.

Sheetrock pricing
What's that sheet of drywall board or sheet rock going to cost you and how much would a Pro charge to attach it to the walls.

Painting over old wallpaper
I don't recommend painting over old wallpaper but due to cost or circumstance you may find yourself taking on such a project.

Removing wallpaper & glue
Removing wallpaper and the glue or residue that's left behind can prove to be a difficult project. The wallpaper and glue removal page will give you the information your looking for.

Mixing leftover paint
Leftover paint can be a problem. One way to get rid of it is by using your leftover paint on the walls. The leftover paint page teaches you how to mix paint and then turn it into a color that you would enjoy looking at.

Woodworking projects
An assortment of woodworking how to tips, tricks and techniques along with links to free or paid for project plans.

Back priming wood
Back priming is the process of priming the back surface of wood, (usualy siding). By back priming you will help with stopping moisture from lifting, the paint off of your siding.

Repairing peeling paint
Painting and decorating solutions for repairing peeling or flaking paint. Includes step by step instructions along with product purchasing help.

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