Learning painting and decorating how to basics is the first step when taking on most types of home renovation projects.

painting and decorating how to

Painting, along with other decorative works like wallpaper application or faux finishing can be the easiest and most economical ways to enhance the look of your home.

Of course by taking the time to enhance your homes look you will also add value to the home itself.

Below you will find links to pages on this site giving you how to information including setting up a room, painting the walls and repairing small or large size drywall (sheet rock) holes.

Preparing a room for painting

The setting up to paint page will teach you the best way to place drop cloths in a room, cover your furniture and move the valuables.

Preparation of the surface before painting
Your furniture is moved and the room is dropped with protective coverings. You've also masked off everything not requiring a coat of paint. You can know begin your preparation including pole sanding, removing stains, filling holes and priming before painting.

Painting stipple ceilings
Stippled and splattered ceilings need to be coated by using a specific painting technique. Ceilings also require the correct product and sheen level for the job at hand.

Caulking the trim
Woodwork that needs to be painted will also require caulking. Knowing the proper way to caulk and what type of caulking to use saves time along with a messy clean up job.

Filling and repairing holes
Most walls need repairing prior to applying paint. No matter if you have small or large holes to remedy, the fixing and repairing holes page will help you out.

Painting or coating the woodwork
Woodwork in your home such as the doors, baseboards, jambs and trim, might need a little sprucing up. Applying a little paint or clear coat should do the job.

Cutting in a room
After learning a few techniques for cutting in (brush work), you’ll be able complete a room with speed and accuracy.

Rolling the walls
Rolling is a process that requires a certain amount of knowledge. Especialy when dealing with those high walls or nooks and cranny.

Clean up
Not a fun job but still one of those things that has to be done. Follow a clean up list, along with breaking the job down into small tasks and you'll be finished in no time.

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