Painting of a breeze block, cinder block or block wall

by Mr. R Taylor


I have a problem with an interior breeze block wall that has been plastered, lined and painted. A few years have passed and the outline of the block is faintly showing through the paint. Is there a paint or sealer that will hide it? i have heard that Wallrock lining might work.

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Dec 20, 2015

by: Shawn

Hi Mr Taylor,

I would think that the mortar, that holds the blocks together, is either causing a chemical reaction of some type or there is a temperature, difference between the block and the mortar itself etc. (in the case of an interior wall that faces the exterior elements). An Elastomeric coating (which is a very rubberized product) might fix the problem and it may not. Either way, using an Elastomeric may be worth a try, as your first attempt. If you Google Elastomeric coatings you should find some interesting reading.

Wallrock, on the other hand, would be the best bet for rectifying the issue, due to it causing a barrier while at the same time having insulating properties. Prior to applying the Wallrock though you will need to check with the Wallrock manufacturer to insure the paint and liner, previously used, is compatible with the Wallrock itself otherwise a new liner ma be needed.

Now with all of that said, there are no gaurantees of course, other than maybe building an entirely new insulated, vapor barriered, and drywalled (sheetrock gyprocked) wall up against the old plastered one.

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