Painting damp basement walls

by MR Geoff Young

I want to paint a basement ceiling & walls the construction is brick.

On two of the walls there is damp penetration which has been sealed with a liquid sealant/dpm I have a dehumidifier operating in the area which is controlling the relative humidity, temperature is 16.1c & RH is 81%.

Can you please advise a product which will maintain a decent finish under such circumstances.

The area is only for storage but I want to keep is fairly dry.

Hi Geoff,

There are a number of products that you can use Drylok Extreme tends to work well in most situations. As far as a paint to go over a water proof coating goes elastomerics tend to work best (found at most paint stores).

When applying either of the above products take into consideration that both usually require more gallons for the proper coverage in comparison to a regular type of paint.

Do keep in mind that the majority waterproofing products are made for situations where dampness and high humidity is not a reoccurring problem.

If your basement has a continuous issue with high humidity and damp surfaces then the problem should be properly repaired. Such repairs would include having good drainage in the first place, using a sump pump, and applying an exterior membrane etc.

This page gives a little more in depth information on waterproofing walls and surfaces.


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