Painting ceilings with emulsion or latex paint

by Lynn
(Channel islands)

I'm painting a large ceiling with white emulsion (latex) and the finish is very patchy.

You can see the paint blocks or roller marks down and across the ceiling from one end of the ceiling to the other. So the finish does not look solid. The ceiling is also quite low with floor to ceiling glass in some areas.

What am I doing wrong?

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Nov 04, 2016

by: Shawn

Hi Lynn,

Ceilings can be a pain to paint for a number of reasons including lighting, surface imperfections, improper application and poor paint or material choices etc.

Using a high quality primer prior to painting can tend to help along with applying a good amount of paint when your painting. Rolling on an oil based primer and paint rather than a water based products can also help.

In some situations rolling in different directions has rectified the problem.

Even so, some ceilings will keep showing roller marks (or what we call flashing) no matter what you try. In such cases, one either has to live with the flashing or you could try applying some type of texture yourself or have it done by the pros.

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