Painting a front pathway

by Bev
(United Kingdom)

I want to paint my front pathway. It has been screeded (badly)and I used a masonary paint which is now flaking after one week. The original path is in good condition and I have now bought an elastomeric paint which I want to roller on but can't find any useful information on how to go about this d.i.y job. Help please!!!

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Jun 03, 2018

by: Shawn & Donna

Hi Bev,

I'm going to assume your pathway is concrete. Paint on any type of exterior walkway can tend to have issues, due of course to being walked on, and the beating that it gets from the weather.

In most cases I find that staining the concrete or using an epoxy will last longer than a regular paint but since the surface is already painted (so staining is out) and epoxy can be difficult for the average home owner then you will most likely have to paint it again.

Your choice of an Elastomeric will help and you should get at least a season or two out of it. There's no guarantee of course as to how any exterior coating sticks as it depends entirely on proper surface preparations along with the best environmental conditions before, during and after the paints application. The concrete itself could be causing problems as well and the ground that the concrete is on may be wicking moisture into the upper coating.

Your best bet is to throughly scrape away the old pealing paint and then clean the pathway. Let it completely dry and apply a couple coats of your Elastomeric. If the Elastomeric doesn't work you might try an epoxy. Epoxies are more difficult to apply but will usually stick better. Depending on the above mentioned preparations and conditions of course.

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