Painting a ceiling

by Janet
(New york)

The ceiling was sheet rocked and we spackled, sanded and then painted. The paint is not going on smoothly we did it again let it dry longer and same problem. When it is sanded looks smooth until you paint. Can there be a small leak?

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Jun 02, 2016

by: Shawn


Ceilings can tend to be an issue even when you do exactly what's recommended by the paint manufacturer.

When painting a ceiling you need to first apply a drywall sealer to your sanded surface. You can then follow up with at least two coats of flat ceiling paint. Other sheens of paint,eggshell or semigloss for example, can be used especially in a commercial kitchen but do keep in mind that a glossier paint will usually show roller/sprayer marks (called flashing) and other problems that the drywall, may have had, prior to painting.

Another issue would be if the ceiling has some kind of texture blown on and then you follow up by painting the texture. When doing so the texture must be completely dry. In fact, in a new construction situation I myself don't recommend painting a textured ceiling as it tends to flash or have other problems after painting. Once the textured ceiling has had a few years to settle in though it will usually paint fine.

In your case, it could be a number of issues, including a problem with the application technique or materials and tools used. The environment the ceiling is being painted in might also be the issue.

If it were me, and with the few details that I have, I would likely apply a good, high quality primer sealer, pole sand the dried primer and then use two coats of a different type of paint than you have been using. If that doesn't fix the issue it could be the surface itself that's causing the problem (humidity etc.) or the roller sleeve even.

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