Paint for bathrooms and kitchens is a speciality product made by most paint manufacturers.

Of all the walls inside your home, kitchen and bathroom walls tend to take quite a bit of abuse.Dust, dirt and debris can quickly collect on those nicely painted walls due to high levels of traffic that kitchen and bathrooms usually experience.

Kitchen walls are especially abused due to the process of cooking and food handling.

Food handling of course causes smoke, grease and splattered surfaces.

Paint for bathrooms and kitchens face another problem when applied to surfaces. Namely high levels of humidity. Higher humidity can condense on walls and trim. Condensed humidity then causes the paint to crack and peel.

High humidity will also leach surfactant from the paint. Surfactant in some cases leaves sweat marks on the walls. Another problem with high humidity is that it encourages the formation of fungi giving mildew the chance to grow on damp surface areas.

When using paint for bathrooms and kitchens gloss level is another consideration you will need to make. Paint with a higher gloss or shine show more imperfections in the underlying surface. Most professional painters prefer a lower sheen such as eggshell, rather than a semi-gloss, because of the imperfections a gloss or semi-gloss can leave.

Even so, kitchen and bathrooms that are used rigorously might be best served by the use of high-quality semi-gloss (or high-gloss) paints. Gloss paint formulations produce smooth films with smaller surface pores. Larger surface pores can harbour crevices for dirt and moisture to gather. As a result, higher gloss paints don’t stain readily and they’re easier to clean.

Kitchen and bath products are typically formulated using additives that can help to control splatter and durability along with mildew or other micro organisms.

Lower sheen paints for bathrooms and kitchens may not be able to match the semi-gloss products when it comes to water resistance or clean-ability but they can still be employed successfully in less demanding areas such as guest baths or powder rooms. With that said, some newer types of lower sheen paints can be applied in higher traffic or humid areas.

Keep in mind though that newer formulations of paint are on the expensive side. I guess that's the price we have to pay for the advances of science.

When kitchen and bath paints are used in their intended areas they must have the proper surface sheen, giving them the ability to resist staining and hold up to frequent washing. If your favourite paint store or home centre doesn’t carry a specific Kitchen and Bath line, top quality interior semi-gloss or gloss paints should be suitable for most kitchen or bathroom projects.

A regular semi-gloss may not contain mildewcides or other additives but should still provide excellent clean-ability and moisture resistance. Of course, as always the sales rep at your local paint retailer is an invaluable resource when it comes to helping you select the right paint for bathrooms and kitchens.


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