Professional painters tools are preferred by most painting contractors. The Pros use an assortment of painting and decorating tools to get a quality project completed safely and on time.

painters tools

Most painters that I know have a preference for the type of tools they use and each tool used would depend on the job at hand. As an example, having the proper paint brush when cutting in is a must.

Brushes aren't the only tool to worry about, roller covers need to have a certain nap thickness in relationship to the surface being painted.

Tools for doing a faux finish like marbling or dragging can also make your decorative painting technique that much easier. Having the proper ladder is of course also a safety issue.

Below you will find pages on this site that discuss specific types of tools for painting that you may be looking for.

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Types of painters brushes
The number one tool in a painters tool kit is the brush. There are an assortment of brushes to choose from and the most important thing to remember is not to buy a cheap one.

Rollers, frames, cages and covers
Rollers and covers (or cages/sleeves) come in a variety of thicknesses of nap (height of the fabric). If you buy a lint free cover you'll lower the chance of hairs being deposited onto your newly painted surface.

Faux finishing tools
There are a lot of different tools for doing a faux finish project. The faux finish page discusses each type of faux finishing tool, how to use the tools and where to buy a specific tool that you might be looking for.

Other tools for decorating
Brushes and rollers aren’t the only tools for doing a good paint job. If you're interested in other types of tools that painters use then the above page is a good place to start.

Painters ladders and scaffolding
Painters use ladders and scaffolding on a daily bases. Not only do you need to use the correct ladder for the job at hand safety is also a factor to consider. Furthermore, the ladder page has information regarding ladder add ons and accessories.

Reading a tape measurer
Learning how to read a tape measurer is an essential skill to know when painting and decorating. Especially when doing a color blocking or wall striping technique.

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