My red brick fireplace

by Ashley

I am building a small but comfortable home of about 1609 sqft.

In the living room there is going to be a dark red brick fireplace with a dark red/brown mahogany wood mantle.

I would like to paint a wall in the living room a lovely accent color. The wall I have chosen stretches from the living room and on into the kitchen and since the floor plan is very open whatever color I choose would have to go well in that room as well.

I have a beige couch if that helps . . . What colors would go well with that red brick fireplace??

I am partial to the golden yellows into slightly orange but I would like something that looks comfortable as well as elegant.

Please help!

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Oct 01, 2010
Interior color selection
by: Anonymous

Hi Ashley,

I wouldn't be able to give you an exact color but I can help with a few color selection tips. The first thing you need to do is get a sample of your brick along with a piece of the stained and clear coated wood work from the mantel.

Having samples of your flooring, kitchen cabinets furniture and tile back-splash or any other element in the room being painted will help immensely with the color selection process.

Because it's a new house the builder should be able to assist you with the samples you will need. Your painter can also help just as long as a color consultation comes with your new homes paint job.

Having samples is by far the best way to choose colors. If a sample is not possible then you will need to borrow (with a deposit) or buy a color (deck) fan. Keep in mind that there are different color fans for both the walls and the wood work.

Use your color fan/s to match all the above mentioned surfaces that you can't get samples for i,e, the fireplace brick, or maybe the flooring. Your color fan colors don't need to be an exact match to the surface your trying to match do try and be as close as possible though.

Once you have your color matches write them down along with what the color is for and if the color is not an exact match record whether the color is darker or lighter that the item itself.

Once you have your selected samples and colors take them to your local paint store. You will need to phone around and see who offers color consultations. Some stores do it for free or a small fee, while others won't do it at all.

Stores that don't do color consultations will in most cases give you a recommendation for someone who does. You will find that the more expensive the paint being sold the better the chance of getting help with choosing your colors.

Heres some how to paint a fireplace help if you need it.

Or! for a little how to color assistance you might want to check out the Interior color
selection page.

On the other hand, if your interested in a guide to help narrow down your color choices, Yelna Kublitski who is a fellow Painting Contractor offers just the thing. She calls it Paint Color Cheat Sheets and it's basically an easy to use set of tools for color selection.

The guides are built around Sherwin Williams colors but all the colors given can be matched by virtually any other paint manufacturer.

Yelnas Website! offers you loads of information on the product if your interested. You will find that Cheat Sheets is very good value costing about the same price as a gallon of paint. Yelna also gives a 100% money back guarantee if for any reason your not happy with your purchase.


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