measurment format

by rahul
(raipur, chhattisgarh, india)

Dear sir,

After completing my painting work i want to measure the surface area completed but i don't know how to go about it. Can you please tell me the measurement process or give me measurement format to go by.

Hi Rahul,

When measuring for painting you need to know the exact size of surface area that you will be coating with paint.

The standard measurement used is square footage or square meters. So with that said, you should be able to roll on 1 gallon (or 4 liters of paint) for every 400 square feet (or about 37 square meters) of area painted.

To find the size of a wall for example measure the height by the width.

Heres an example:

8 feet (or 2.4 meters) high by 15 feet (or 4.6 meters) long = 8x15=120 square feet (or about 11 square meters).

Of course the more textured the surface being painted the more paint your going to use.


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