Matt emulsion (or flat latex) will not cover

by Mark

I have prepared the walls of a bedroom with sugar soap (a cleaner used prior to painting) which is what I usually do first.

On applying my first coat of Matt Emulsion (flat latex) by roller the paint is 'skidding' and doesn't seem to be adhering to the surface.

The walls were previously painted with a cream coloured matt emulsion about four years ago and there were no issues at that time.

I am using Wilkinsons paint on this occasion; having done so in the past and being very pleased with the result.

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Jul 17, 2016
Matt emulsion (or flat latex) will not cover or adhering
by: Shawn

Hi Mark,

I can't really give you a reason why your paint isn't properly sticking without actually seeing the walls along with the tools and products being used or by testing the walls them self for a high moisture level etc.

Assuming all of the above are fine, I would suggest to sand the walls then apply a good quality primer. Be sure to use a primer that's made for binding to virtually any type of surface. Lightly pole sand the dried primer and then apply your paint (pole sanding the dried surface between each coat).

Keep in mind that if your previous paint rolling job resulted in the paint drying with bumps, grooves or a texture then you may need to apply a few coats of mud or plaster (as needed) followed by sanding and priming.

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