When deciding on a living room decorating idea, keep in mind that colors can change under different lighting situations.

If your worried about a selected tone, hue or shade, buy color samplers from your paint dealer.

Most paint suppliers sell small quantities of paint along with large color swatches for you to apply to the walls of your home.

Once you have your samplers in place, (rolled or taped on) check on them every couple hours or so.

As the sun moves across the sky your chosen hue, tones and shades, will have a different effect depending on the time of day.

The mentioned color testing method is not always exact, still it should give you ideas as to colors and will in the long run save you some money.

Lighter shades for the walls tend to work best for a living room decorating idea. Neutral colors will give you the opportunity to add bolder fixtures and accessories without the need to repaint.

Light tones also make a smaller room look bigger. Accenting one wall in a darker tone will do the same. If one decides on a monochromatic look you’ll be able to accent with a few darker colored knickknacks giving the area a larger feel.

On the other hand, if you’d rather jazz up the living room be sure to have color harmony with your adjoining rooms. In either case the tones, hues or shades, in your favorite rug, wallpaper or fabric will work well for selecting wall and surface colors.

Take your chosen item, a picture or flower holder for example, to the paint store. Your local paint dealer will help by using the painting or vase as a palate for your room design. In the end you should have a warm

Almost any type of border works well for a living room decorating idea, from stenciling to adding some crown molding. Accenting the upper or mid walls will give the area dimension. Also, if you decide on a wallpaper type border you'll be able to use it’s assorted designer colors as complements for your rooms decor.

Moving the furniture is always a first step for your living room decorating idea. Dividing larger areas into separate room sections might be the next.

For example, having designated places for entertaining, relaxing and watching television will help in making the room flow together more easily. Also, arrange furniture around a focal point. Maybe a window large picture or fire place etc.

If you have a smaller living room situate, use mirrors in a way that doesn’t distract your guests. By doing so you'll add size to the room and keep your friends happy.

Another idea is to bring in a colorful chair then decorate using its tones, shade or hues.

In the case of an antique cabinet you may want to go with a theme. Placing long skinny tables behind your couches should work well, along with adding some older style needle point or knickknacks.

Then again, African sculptures and jungle print fabrics behind a leather style love seat might be more to your liking.

For a small living room decorating idea, buy furniture that you can see through. Glass coffee tables, accessories with legs, skinny bookshelves and smaller furniture pieces will make your room look larger.

Bigger areas can utilize dividers along with taller items like potted trees or plants when decorating.

When your walls are neutral in tone use darker complimentary accessories as your living room decorating idea. Stacking pictures on a wall works well to fill space. Hanging pictures horizontally on the other hand makes a wall look longer and more spacious.

Plants, pillows, lamps, sculptures, books and collectables should be contrasting in color and flow through a room working together to form a design theme.

A dimmer switch on a rooms lighting can be utilized to create mood or for a more generalized purposes such as reading and watching television. Directional lighting also works well to highlight paintings, pieces of art or collectibles.

Using fabrics for your living room decorating idea adds texture and feel to the area. Whether it’s a blanket over the couch or slip covers on a chair.

With a smaller space color match the walls and carpet to make your area look bigger. Lighter weighted curtains and blinds that blend in and almost vanish will do the same.

Larger rooms can use layered drapes. A Floor to ceiling covering for a tiny window will give it a bigger look. With multiple sources of sunlight layer two complementary curtain colors together.

Switch inside and outside fabric tones, hues or shades for each different window.

If you decide to use an ottoman, coffee table, bench or end table be sure they can be used for storage. Also, baskets that pull out, media cabinets, and shelving for books or collectibles add a homey feeling to a living room decorating idea or theme.

A Holiday living room decorating idea you use for one season can be implemented for another. Set a theme and change colors depending on what time of year it is.

Festive or whimsical fabric for drapes, pillows, throw rugs and table cloths always add fun to a room. Place lights around the doors and windows.

String some ribbon, buy a candle or two, fill a jar or bowl with candy, use some old holiday cards, wrap pictures in seasonal paper, sponge paint on the windows in the appropriate colors and place a few in season plants around the room.

For Christmas, decorate your tree, add greenery, open some potpourri, throw around a pine cone or two.

When buying your holiday goodies go to garage sales and dollar or department stores at the end of each season, that way you'll always get the best deal.


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