Lake house decorating ideas can be a little hard to locate on the Internet.

Hopefully you will find help from the information that follows.

You might also want to define your decorating style with some assistance from your local library or book stores.

If your looking for a little inspiration, furniture stores and other home furnishing retailers are a great place to start.

Ikea for example sections off the store into compact living spaces.

Another tip would be when possible, to drop by real estate open houses. Doing so would let you see how the neighbors are decorating their lake houses.


Whites and light pastels will work the best when decorating your lake house property. Lighter colors give an area more of an open feel.

Darker hues, tones or shades can be used for feature walls but should be applied sparingly.


Borders are well suited for your home by the water. If your using a wallpaper border, they can add height or length to a wall. When selecting your wallpaper borders, they shouldn't portray designs that are on the busy side.

Create a color palate for your lake house decorating project by using the tones, hues and shades from your wallpaper border. Do so by pulling your wall, fabric and furniture colors from the border itself.

A lake house that is smaller in square footage can use chair rails to increase the perception of size.

Chair railing can give the room a feeling of depth. Crown molding does the same, while bead board, or wainscoting adds a rustic feel or sea side look.


When decorating a compact space, like most lake house decorating projects are, overcrowding can tend to be a problem. Draw up a floor plan before you start. Having an open concept works the best

Also, to rectify the crowding problem, add furniture, then live in the furnished area for a while, over time remove items that seem to be in your way.

Use rugs, louvers, painted feature walls, plants, furniture and screens, to define or separate areas. Decorate corners of a room with shelves, tables, knick-knacks, lamps and furniture.

When possible, maximize your window views with the help of light airy curtains.

Conceal electronics behind flea market finds, like vintage or antique cabinets.

Aged kitchen and bathroom fixtures look great in a lake house, along with, stain glass and older type wall hangings or prints.


If your thinking of using a decorating theme, here are a few ideas to help you out. When picking your theme, it's always good practice to bring the outside inside. Examples would be gardening items, a waterside motif, hunting.

Other themes could also involve antiques, a feminine touch (e.g., lace curtains, pastel colors) and collector items.

For those who are interested in bringing the beach into there lake house check out Susies Hambletons Website!. Susie's a Designer specilizing in beach style decorating. She offers you an ebook along with two months of free interior design help. You'll be able to send her pictures and email her all the decorating questions you like.

Good value for under $20.00, especially when it comes with a 30 day 100% money back guarantee.


Put shutters on windows, use old and new items, smaller less bulky is best. Go for interesting or unique. Furniture doesn't need to match and comfortable, informal items made from, iron, wood, and wicker look great in a lake house setting.

Shorter items like a lowered table or placing taller pieces flat against the wall, along with using round shaped furniture tends to give a small room more space. Lake house decorating with improperly sized furniture is a common mistake.

Furniture items should be on the thin side, made from reflective metals, utilize mirrors or glass, and can be pushed around on wheels.

Light and airy, as opposed to heavy and constrained is the look your going for. Placing your furniture at angles is a good idea, keeping in mind that your furniture selection is limited to room size.

Smaller with less pieces is best when space becomes a restriction.


Weathered and worn items, along with trays, hats, pieces of Chrystal and rustic items are naturals for lake house decorating. Antiques, wall plates, unique lighting, water art, or pictures should help give you the look you want.

Changing knobs, adding mirrors, and making sure the room is balanced


Dimmer switches can create mood along with different colored light bulbs. Themed type lighting such as antique or vintage will work to.


Fabrics for your lake house decorating project should utilize some type of texture. Lace works well, along with ruffles and knitted or crochet items.

When it comes to the furniture you sit on, consider using slip covers and don't forget about those, pillows, a bed shams, fabric headboard or comforters.


Wicker baskets, shelving, hanging items, and furniture with storage space built in are great ideas for storage solutions.

Create drawers (under the beds is a good example) and apply closet organizers to your closet areas.


Wood, and tile flooring or flooring that imitates the wood or tile look, is your best choice when it comes to your lake house. Rugs are fine but wall to wall carpeting is in most cases a bad idea.

If your floors are tired and worn or they just need a little spicing up, painting the floors is an option. Stenciling a pattern onto your floor should also be kept in mind.

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