Lacquer on MDF

by Brian
(Chemainus BC)


I just want to be clear, you say coloured lacquer on MDF. No primer, correct?

Hi Brian,

That's correct, just as long as the lacquer your using is catalyzed, otherwise you will need to use a sanding sealer. Some painters, and cabinet makers, do prefer to use a sealer, followed by a catalyzed lacquer, but I myself don't find it necessary.

Prior to lacquering, be sure that the surface is filled, (with a a lacquer compatible filler) sanded and dusted. You can then go ahead and spray on at least three or more (thin but even) coats of lacquer.

Be sure to lightly sand between each coat. The more coats that you apply the better the finish will look. Keep in mind though that the finish does tend to get shinier with each application of lacquer.

As a final note, it's always a good idea to do a practice run (on the exact same type of surface) before tackling your actual project.


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