When selecting interior wall paint colors one of the most important decisions a person will make is in choosing the best tones, hues and shades for the job at hand.

As a painter when I'm asked to help a customer choose paint colors I tend to advise using a favorite painting, fabric, area rug, piece of furniture or other item (the customer may have in their home) to select wall colors from.

On the other hand, if your thinking about making a new furniture purchase, it is a good idea to implement colors that are of the same color family as the furniture your buying.

In the very least colors should be complimentary to the new furniture piece itself.


Another technique is to visit stores that sell wallpaper. While looking at a number of paper or border designs choose the wallpaper's that you like the best. After deciding on a wallpaper you like use colors from the paper's design to implement into your painting or decorating color scheme.

There's no need to use the wallpaper or border in your painting project if you would prefer not to. Point out to the paint store clerk the tones, hues or shades you have selected for your interior wall paint colors then have them color matched.

Try to follow the papers theme when it comes to the amount of each color to use. What I mean to say is, if there's a lot of blue, some burgundy and a tiny amount of beige in the wallpaper, design your room in the same fashion. For example; blue walls, burgundy window covering and table cloth, beige place mats.

Below, you will find a list of web sites that will help you with choosing your exterior and interior wall paint colors. Most of the sites have how to advice, color charts, samples and selection tools. Hope you find me again soon.
Once your on this site, point to a color then look to the right, by doing so you will find out what the paint color is called. On the left are color moods and the slider at the bottom of the page will increase the amount of colors to choose from.
This site lets you look up a color name or number, it also has a color tool for interior/exterior color selection and an inspiration section loaded with pictures.
If your looking for more color selection tools, for interior wall paint or your exterior siding project then the About Color selection tools is for you. By clicking on the links on the About site, you will probably come across one or two paint brands you have never heard of and also find some nifty color choosing tools to play with.

Benjamin Moore has an assortment of decorating software to use. Whether your painting walls or choosing floor color, just scroll down the page until you find the virtual design tool that your looking for.

www.sherwin williams,com
Sherwin Williams is another good site to help you with selecting interior colors.

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