Cleaning up after your interior paint scheme is finally done is considered by many as the worst part of any painting project. Doing the clean up properly though is very important, and having a few tips to speed the process should also help. Below is step by step instructions for getting your newly painted room back in order. If your looking for other painting or decorating solutions check out the home page to help you find a design idea or interior paint scheme. If on the other hand you would like a few tips for cleaning up after doing a paint job then keep on reading.


1. Pour excess paint from cut cans and trays back into there original containers. Throw away dirty liners. Wipe brushes on the paint can lip. Use a flat tool or five in one tool to push liquid from the roller sleeve into the paint tin.

2. Wash brushes cage and roller covers in warm soapy water until water pouring from them in a clear stream. Be sure all paint is removed or your next interior paint scheme will be unpleasant.

3. If you've used tape and plastic on light or ceiling fan fixtures remove them first. Using a utility knife will help as appose to pulling your taped coverings off.

4. Remove tape from base boards and anywhere else you may have used it for protecting items while applying your interior paint scheme.

5. Plastic coverings can now be removed. Use them as your garbage bags. Throw all the junk in the center bunch it up as if you where wrapping a gift basket then tape the top to dispose of them.

6. Gently fold your drops so as to keep debris in side. Dump the crap that's in them outside in a garbage can. Fold and put away for your next interior paint scheme.

7. If the walls are dry replace switch and plug plates. Reattach other items you may have removed. Hang pictures if you wish.

8. Vacuum and move your furniture to where it'll best suit your new interior paint scheme. Vacuum again. Dust particles can be hard on a vacuum cleaner use an older machine or Shopvac.

If you like quickly clean your furniture keep in mind though dust has a tendency to fall for some time after a decorating project. It's a good idea to wait a day or two before doing a through job. When cleaning one of those swifter type clothes work the best especially on leather.


If your looking for other interior paint schemes or would like to choosing an exterior project. Hit the home link. You should be able to find your decorating idea by reading the text. If I've missed something or you’d like to ask a question email me. Your address will be held in the strictest confidence. I'll also try and answer as prompt a manner as possible.