There are an assortment of interior painting ideas and decorating techniques, for enhancing the look of ones home.

From doing a faux finish to sticking up a wallpaper border. One of the first things you will need to do is decide on what room or surface you would like decorate.

A plan as to which painting or decorating technique to use, might also be needed.

Below are a number of painting ideas and decorating techniques.

Weather your painting glass, or putting stripes or geometric shapes on walls.

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By reading what follows, you should be able locate a few extra interior painting projects, to add to your decorating skills.

Wall striping is an elegant interior painting idea, that will make a room look expensively wallpapered, at a fraction of the cost. Use the wall striping technique page to get you on the way to beautifying all the rooms of your home.

If your looking to make a bold statement with your decorating project, then color blocking is the way go. A color blocking technique gives you all kinds of designed interior painting ideas and options.

Using a textured paint product, can cover those walls that may have seen better days. Textured products also works well for ceilings and sound proofing. Applying textured materials as wall decorating is as excellent interior painting idea.

Sometimes that room you just finished decorating, needs a little extra jazz to show it off. Painting some drapes with your own selected, colors may be a great way to do just that and feature your fabric painting and dyeing project skills.

Do you have ceramic bathroom/kitchen tiles or a glass knick knack that does not quite go with the color of the room. If so, why not paint it or them. Going to the glass/ceramic interior painting ideas page, will show you all you need to know. Especialy if you want to make sure your glass design idea, stays on those hard to paint items.

Doing a venetian plaster project in your home, is a great way to fix a wall that may be on the well worn side.

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