A number of interior paint designs and projects are represented below.

Here you will find how to painting and decorating information. From the kids bedrooms to your foyer and bathroom.

For those requiring other paint design inspiration use this ideas page to assist you with an assortment of advice to add to your painting and decorating skills.

Design ideas for a kitchen

For some people the kitchen is the most used room in their home. Painting your cooking area walls isn't the only interior design idea for adding life to the room.

The kitchen page will give you techniques for spicing up everything from the floors to ceilings.

Ideas for decorating a bathroom
Want to test your decorating skills. Bathrooms are the place to do it. Throw on some paint and add a few Knick knacks and suddenly your interior paint designs and ideas make you a decorating guru.

Livingroom decorating ideas
Interior paint designs and ideas for decorating what is usually the largest room in your home. There are so many ways to enhance to your livingroom. Applying a faux finish or rolling on a new coat of paint is just the beginning.

Diningroom decorating ideas
If your home has a separate room other than the kitchen for dining then use this page for advice on decorating the eating area.

Baby nursery ideas
The baby's room or nursery is a great place for mom or dad to hone their painting and decorating skills. Getting the job done before the little one gets home is an important first step.

Decorating a girls bedroom
Rolling pink paint on the walls of your daughters room works great for some girls but what if she loves black. Learn how to use interior paint designs that reflect her style.

Ideas decorating a boys room
Once you've found some interior paint designs and ideas for a boys bedroom you and him are sure to have fun decorating his room.

Ideas decorating children's rooms
If your stuck on what to do to with the areas your kids sleep in, check the children's rooms page for design help and inspiration.

Master bedroomroom expressions
Along with a few other interior designs and ideas you'll be able turn your masterbedroom into a great place for lay your head.

Painting & decorating the stairwell
The stairwell is usually the most difficult area in your home for cutting (brushing) and rolling. Here's a few interior paint designs and ideas for putting color onto those high walls.

Foyer decorating ideas
Learn some ideas for decorating the first area of your home that visitors will see "the entrance way".

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