Industrial paints are made by manufacturers specifically for problems that may incur with industrial substrates and commercial products.

Such problems are usually due to climate, environment or ware and tare. Industrial coatings depending on the system used, usually include a primer, the paint itself, then a finalized sealer or protective top coating.

Most industrial type paints are pre-made for specific projects or manufacturing process.

Some members of industry may also require customized paints made to specialized standardizations and formulations or in some cases for the kind of application equipment being used.

Industrial coatings in most cases are considered industrial because of their ability to protect high abuse surfaces from rusting, crumbling or breaking down over time. With that said, industrial coatings can in some circumstances be pleasing to the eye, having multi colored aesthetics or a visually textured look and feel.

Fire resistance is another property of industrial paint, along with the product having the ability to resist weather conditions such as moisture, heat, and cold. Some paints may also need to keep vapour and ultraviolet light in or out, depending on the coatings intended purpose.

Other uses for industrial coating products include being conductive for electronics or as a tie in. A tie in example would be when a required coating will not stick to a specific type of surface. An industrial primer could be developed, one that would adhere to both the top coat and lower sub-strait, bonding or tyeing the two surfaces together.

Industrial coatings are usually one or two component formulations, including waterborne bases and solvent type polymers. Such formulations could use acrylics, poly/urethanes, epoxies, alkyds, vinyls and plastics. Your choice of industrial paint products are numerous.

Some industrial coatings are air dried and can be sprayed on or brushed and rolled, while other systems like powder coating or electrostatic painting require baking with specialized equipment or an electrical charge for proper application.

Most industrial coating products can be very harmful to ones health and the environment. With that said, manufacturers are trying to create less solvent based, more environmentally friendly, low VOC, HAPS free paints.


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