Coming up with ideas for decorating a child's room can at times prove to be a challenge for both the parents and the children themselves.

The best solution in most cases is to have your child decide on how they would like there room to look.

You of course will need to implement some your own design help but the majority of the project should involve your child's guidance.

With that said, in most cases kids need a direction to follow when it comes to decorating there rooms.

Below you will find how to advice and ideas along with links to pages on this site to help you with your kids room decorating projects.


The following tips and how to information should assist with getting your kids rooms painted and decorated in the quickest way possible. Once you have read the information that follows, go ahead and click on the specific kids bedroom link that your looking for.

  • As i mentioned above if it's at all possible, let your child help you with the process of decorating there rooms. If your kids have a hand in doing the work, along with deciding on how they would like there room decorated, they will tend to enjoy the room more and for a longer period of time.

  • Choosing a theme is the easiest way to decorate a child’s room. Clicking the blue bedroom links that follow will give you a list of themes to choose from related to the type of bedroom you select (boys, girls, infants).

  • A favourite toy, book or television show can not only be used for a theme but is also a great place to start for color selection. As an example, a cartoon that a child enjoys usually has a color scheme involved when creating it. Find a children’s book related to the cartoon they like, then take the book to your paint supplier or home improvement centre to be color matched to the books color scheme. If on the other hand your child likes a specific stuffed animal or toy then that toy can be used for choosing colors.

  • Once you have a few colors selected that you like, use those colors to paint walls, buy bed spreads and curtains, decide on lamp shades or to refinish furniture such as night stands, head boards, and dressers etc.

  • You might want to apply a faux finish as an idea for decorating child rooms. This web site has a number of faux finishes to try and the Internet, local library and book stores are great resources for locating a faux finish or wall technique to use when decorating your kids rooms.

  • If your going to add some color to the walls, be sure to cover and protect all surfaces and areas that you don't want to get paint all over. Use plastic, painters tape, and drop cloths (or old bed sheets) to help keep the goodies from splatters and drips.

  • Have all of the tools and materials you need, such as Sheetrock hole filler (with a drywall knife), sandpaper, pain-table caulk, brushes, trays/liners, roller/covers, extension pole, faux tools, painters tape, primer, and paint set up and ready to go.

Last but not least, the only way you will be able to decide if your going to like an idea or project is to go ahead and give it a try. When all else fails, you might have to change your mind and go with a different plan for decorating child rooms.


The list below should help you find an idea for decorating your kids bedrooms along with giving you some how to advice for each room that's being painted or decorated.





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