Ideas decorating a kids room can come form a number of different sources. The Internet is of course an excellent resource but some forms of inspiration are totally neglected. As an example, your number one place to find an idea is to ask the child (or teenager) themselves for help.

With that said, I do understand some parents wanting to have a certain amount of control when it comes to decorating. Furthermore certain kids are just not interested in the decorating process. Even so, with the information that follows I'm sure that a compromise can be met.


Below you will find project ideas decorating a kids room. A few how to links are also mentioned along with sending you off to look at some kids room pictures.

  1. As mentioned above you want to ask your kids for help the key is in the type of question you use along with your observation skills. Your kids do have favourite things and it's about finding out what those things are. Toys, sports, music, cartoons, games, clothes and comic books can all be used to create a rooms theme or color palate.

    Color is the biggest obstacle, once you choose a color you can then use that color to select a piece of art or throw rug. After buying the artwork use it to create your child's room by pulling more colors, a theme or style from it.

    As long as your kids agree on the main color everything else should fall into place.

    Some of their sugested colors (or ideas) may not be to your liking, if that's the case be diplomatic about it. I think it's for the better to agree on one or two black walls as an example with a sprincle of black here and there (that's my opinion anyways).

  2. Deciding on a theme is probably the easiest way to come up with ideas decorating a kids room. Everyone has something they like weather it's a music group or video game. Once you figure out the thing they like a little research will likely produce ideas for curtains, bedding and wall colors etc.

  3. Using a painting technique like color blocking or sheen striping is another idea that will utilize a child's fluorite colors. Doing a faux finish on a feature wall will also give the room that unique look.

  4. Building the room around a found furniture item or newly purchased piece of wall art is another way to make your job of decorating your kids rooms that much easier.

  5. Wallpaper is another option along with drawing a mural onto a wall. Once you purchase wallpaper you like or have found a design for a mural use them to create your room. As an example, colors in the wallpaper can be used on adjoining walls. A theme from the mural could also be used to buy fabric or artwork for the rest of the room.

As you implement your ideas decorating a kids room do try and remember that your child may grow out of a particular color or design style. If your intention is to repaint in a year or two then your options are limitless otherwise stick to colors and themes that grows with your kids.

Another thing to remember is not to load the room with to many items. Kids rooms are usually small so add or subtract pieces until the area is balanced and free flowing.

This child's room decorating page should get you started in the right direction.

Of course, looking at some girl's room, boy's room and teen bedroom pictures might be of interest too.

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