Looking for design information and ideas decorating bathrooms help.

Below I give advice for fixing up the busiest room in your home.

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Before you begin your ideas decorating bathrooms projects be sure the walls are clean not shinny or have beauty product residue on the surface.

Prior to painting use TSP and if needed sand surfaces that are glossy.

Information below discuses painting, decorating, accessories, storage and fixtures.

Hopefully you will find a few design tips to help you jazz up your bathroom.

Bathrooms need a paint product that's been formulated using fungicide. Walls will require a scrubable neutral color in semigloss or satin for the best results. Painting the floor due to humidity is not recommended.

Some painters on the other hand have had good luck coating all the areas in a washroom including the tub (with the right equipment). When adding more color (other than to the walls) for an "ideas decorating bathroom" project I try to stick with the vanity or ceilings.

Applying a faux finish in the washroom Is a good place to test your wall designing skills. Use a theme, add some stick on appliqués, glue on a few tile's, stencil a border, then paint the windows and doors. Your bathroom will look new and elegant in no time.

Knickknacks are what makes your "ideas decorating bathroom" project the most fun. Mirrors, non slip mats, towels, candles, plants, flowers, new vanity knobs, a scale and even a clock are few items you could add or change to spruce up your washroom.

All those new goodies are going to need a place to go. Try and stick to one color for your accessories and storage containers. Replace soap dishes, toothbrush containers, waste baskets, towel racks and the paper holder. Throw on some hooks, fill a few buckets, baskets, flower pots, colored bottles and a wine rack with your face cloths, towels, cotton balls, soaps, and other goodies.

Changing the fixtures can be a little expensive but investing in the bathroom is one area of the home where your money is well spent. For that extra pizza replace the sink, tap, vanity, tub and shower, lighting, shelves, and toilet.

If your on a low budget, don’t buy everything at once, replace items over a time period. A new fixture every month would work out nicely for your ideas decorating bathroom project.


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