There are a number of idea interior decorating projects that one can do to enhance the look of their rooms, walls and other areas.

ideas for interior decorating

Below you will find an assortment of step by step instructions and how to help.

Each of the ideas and techniques on this site will assist you with choosing a decorating style or design themes. In doing so, you might hopefully add a little something unique to the rooms and surfaces of your home.

From painting faux to putting up borders, information that follows gives you a number of idea interior decorating or wall painting techniques to try.


Finish faux page

The finish faux page consists of information regarding a number of faux finish techniques and wall design ideas.

Draging faux finish
Use dragging as your idea interior decorating when the walls are in excellent condition. With the help of a large soft haired broom you'll make quick work of the dragging type of faux finish.

Sponging faux finish
Sea sponges are the best tool to use for a faux sponging application. The bigger the sponge you have the easier the job will be. If one of your wall painting ideas involves sponging then check out this page.

Smooshing faux finish
I have to say that smooshing is one of my favorite faux finish techniques. Smooshing is messy but once your walls have experienced the smooshing style they will never go back.

Ragging faux finish
Ragging on or ragging off. When choosing a ragging idea for interior decorating there are three ways of doing it and each leaves a beautiful finished job. The ragging off application requires fast work, if your needing a little exercise give it a try.

Splattering faux finish
So simple a child could do it. Great for old floors or to freshen up the walls in your porch, the kids might even let you help. Splattering is the easiest idea interior decorating project for a person to try.

Tuscan faux finish
A Tuscan faux finish involves a number of different styles and colors to choose from.


Wallpaper and borders

The wallpaper and borders page give you a little more information pertaining the types of borders there are. On the other hand if you know which border your interested in, then click on the link below for the how to information you need.

How to wallpaper borders
Wallpaper borders are by far one of the easiest idea interior decorating projects to master. If your paint on the walls looks great then you should include a border in the rooms style or theme.

How to stenciling borders
Stenciling requires some patients. Sticking to a simple outline and practicing on a surface you do not mind making a mess of will shorten the time spent doing a stenciling project.

Wood and moulding type borders
Chair rails, crown molding and baseboards will all define an area or wall surface. Molding not only adds elegance, it can also change the entire look of the room your in.

Stamping wall borders
Stamping is probably the most economical way to create a border. By using objects you find around your home or ones you purchased from the store you will be able to accent rooms in record speed.

How to decoupage a border
If you would like your idea interior decorating to include pictures then decoupage is the way to go. Photo copy, cut the picture out, then apply it to your walls. Using the decoupage link will help you get the job done properly.

Installing baseboards
How to advice for the process of installing baseboards and other types of wood trim.


Interior painting ideas

All of the painting techniques that follow are more detailed on the above interior painting ideas page. For those who know what they're looking for go ahead and click the how to links below.

A list of Ideas painting and techniques
There are of course a number of painting ideas for you to choose from, including color blocking and sheen striping etc.

Painting on wall texture
Textured paint can hide a lot of wall imperfections. Using textured painting techniques as an idea interior decorating gets rid of most of the bumps and groves on your walls

Fabric painting
Painting your fabrics can add a personal touch to the room. Implementing complementary colors to bedding, throw pillows or drapes can make areas or surfaces in your home flow together.

Painting glass and ceramic
Glass and ceramic paint is applied to non porous objects. If you would like to spruce up the tile back splash or have some other type glass to coat then here's how.

Wall striping technques
Wall striping is an economical way to create an elegant wallpaper effect without the added expense of buying costly wallpaper.

Color blocking how to help
Color blocking involves the process of applying geometric shapes with the help of adding some paint too your walls. Implement a color blocking technique to make a bold statement when painting your home.

Applying a venetian plaster
Venetian plaster may not involve painting but it sure can look like it did. Clear-coat applied over a venetian plaster technique in a kids bedroom will make the plaster more durable. You'll love the uniqueness of this idea interior decorating technique.

Splatter painting concrete
Splatter painting concrete is easy to do as long as one does a proper job of preparing the floor prior to painting.

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